I’m Katie and this is my Fitness Blog.

That was straightforward, wasn’t it?

I suppose that is why I wanted to start this site, and certainly why I started before the New Year: I thought a place to put my favourite pieces on fitness and health from around the web would be the right thing to do, and the sooner I began, the easier it may be to “keep up” with all the great ideas that pop up all over the place.

And surely straightforward is the way to go?

A lot of my friends (and I suppose I should include myself and past failings) start off with the best of intentions, often in January, only to come across too many reasons (or excuses if you’re not feeling charitable) to stop the flow by February 1st.

So here I am, with a keyboard and the internet in front of me, and the best of wishes and greatest of hopes for the New Year and the future. And I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU.

Please do write, either use my contact page or just leave a comment, and aboe all, keep up with fitness.

All the best,
Kate Po